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Anita DeVito PortraitAnita DeVito

Writer of Wickedly Playful Mysteries

Anita's rapid paced storytelling style pulls readers into a parallel universe where mystery, mayhem, murder are the order of the day. Her stories are an addictive diversion, trading the heavy, gray world of real life for a fantastically colorful world where bad is good, and cool is smoking hot.

Raised on America's Rock Coast in Cleveland, Ohio, Anita was born while the river burned. Music, food and family shaped Anita's life and provide much of the fodder for her stories. Her love of mysteries and puzzle solving came from her Grandpa John, who introduced Anita to her first detective hero – Nero Wolfe. Food was as central a character in Anita's life as it was in Nero's, where Sunday dinner at Nonna's table was a command performance. Music plays a major role in the development of her characters and the expression of their personalities. A novice guitar player, Anita's only regret was that she didn't start younger.

Anita has been writing scorching mysteries and suspense since 2006 with stories ranging on the heat index from a "nice spicy little pepper" to "pass a mop for my forehead, please." Check out tastes of Anita's stories and like her on Facebook. Anita is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.

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Anita DeVito Writer

Who's on my ipod? My taste in music crosses many genres. I don't care so much what you call it – but that it rocks. I like artists with complex leads, strong beats and something to say. So who's on my ipod? Orianthi, The Word, Nickleback, Buddy Guy, Madeleine Peyroux, Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix

Who are my idols? There's a saying – Well behaved women rarely make history. My idols? Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Rosa Parks and Sandra Day O'Conner.

If I could be any animal, what would I be? A black Lab. I'd find owners that had a house by a lake and spend my days fishing and rolling in things with unique perfumes.

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Deception. Seduction. Espionage.

And that's just today's agenda.

Lost In Deception
Lost in Deception book cover   Sometimes a man fights for love...

sometimes love fights for him.

Lost In Shadows
Lost in Shadows book cover
Sometimes a man finds trouble...

sometimes it comes looking for him.

Lost In Tennessee
Lost in Tennessee book cover    

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