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Come on in, take your shoes off and get comfortable. This is my library of unpublished and available works. All manuscripts listed on this page are fully drafted (unless noted) and through an initial round of editing.

Content Hints
Table of Content Hints
General Category:
My best opinion on the genre
Word count: General word count. Proj = projected for WIPs
Mystery: A life is lost outside of the story. Lead characters solve the crime and are rarely in danger themselves.
Thriller: One or more lives are lost within the story. Lead characters solve the crime but become part of the story, often putting themselves or those they love in mortal danger.
Romance: The relationship between two lead characters is central to the storyline.
Sex: Just what you think, it's about the physical act.
Psychological: Lead characters are locked in a mental chess match with seen or unseen nemesis where the stakes are real but the action is about strategy, out-foxing and getting ahead of your opponent
Paranormal: Vampires, witches, magic, werewolves... all the fun stuff
Humor: Stories that make you smile by poking fun at everyday life, caricaturizing human flaws, sharing awkward situations and making poor choices.
Series: Potential for a same lead character series or a related-lead character series.

Legacy of the Wolf Moon
The wind lashes impotently at the house built into the mountain. Long fingers reach through the hearth, tearing at the pages of the butterflied book. Lightning flashes, illuminating what is invisible by electric light.


Written In the hand of those that once were, the Book of Light and Dark safeguards the traditions of the coven and their leader, the First Witch. The legacy, etched in blood, was one of short lives and long deaths.
Thus has been the story for a millennium.

Through death, the mantle of leadership has passed to the new First Witch, Claire Sistevaris. She had known from childhood this moment would come. As she long planned, Claire refused to accept the title and all that went with it. Instead, she retreated to the mountain stronghold to study, to reflect, and to find peace.

If it were only that simple. For as long as there have been witches, there have been witch hunters.

Today's generation of hunters wear white coats and hide behind the pretenses of higher education. Experimentation and ultimately death of witches are justified as small sacrifices for the greater good--the cures for our most devastating diseases: autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's.

The hunters surge while Claire retreats. Without the strength of First Witch, all witches become vulnerable. The hunt finds Claire's hometown and the house where her youngest sister sleeps alone. As the full moon rises on Claire's twenty-ninth birthday, the hunt arrives and Claire must answer to a legacy will not be denied.

The worse day of Eva Massimino's life happened two years ago yet every night she relives it. She has quietly atoned for her sins by creating cutting edge personal protection devices for the military. Three months ago, her life was disrupted. Now two bodyguards were dead and two more injured.

The fifth bodyguard is John Beck, a man who had dedicated his life to his country. His latest assignment is a quirky woman with a beautiful face, haunting green eyes and a big secret. From the start, it is a clash of wills that sparks untapped passions. With enemies around every corner, John has to choose between saving the girl and keeping her alive.

Dinergirl Series

These fun little mysteries take you on a ride through my old neighborhood in Cleveland's University Circle. You'll need your running shoes to keep up with freelance writer and diner chef-cook-and-bottlewasher, Olivia Carpaccio. Three brothers, two jobs, one man and too many dead bodies - what could be more fun? Enjoy! ~Anita

Dinergirl DinerGirl Book Cover
Olivia Carpaccio is a professional writer - or she will be once she makes enough money to quit her day job at Irv's diner. Life's normal uphill battle hits a steep incline when Olivia finds the body of a young co-ed. Persistence turns Olivia's heartbreak over the murder into a cause where questions lead to answers she doesn't want to know. Suddenly, everyone has secrets. The veil of suspicion hangs heavily over the men she trusts the most, leaving her uncertain about where to turn even as a killer closes in.

Dinergirl: Wedding Soup
Life for freelance writer Olivia Carpaccio is looking up. New writing assignments, good friends, wedding planning and FBI agent Nick Rogan make for hot summer nights. The summer comes to a cruel end when a shooting shatters illusions of safety and success. Olivia's oversized heart and her need for answers draws her into a tangle web. One wrong turn and the spider lurking in the shadows leaps into action, forcing Olivia to protect the women she loves - or die trying.

Dinergirl: Dirty Rice
Olivia Carpaccio's dream has finally come true - she is a full-time, professional freelance writer living with FBI agent Nick Rogan in his home town. But if everything is so right... why is she so miserable? There's no time for moping when a visit from her best friend, Dr. Trisha Reilly, brings mystery, murder and mayhem into her life once again. A man from Olivia's past is murdered in his hotel room and the primary suspect is Trisha. To save her friend, Olivia has no choice but to become the bait in a vicious game a cat and mouse.

Acceptance Series

Cita Kilkenny is one of my favorite characters. She was created from my college physics classes. One of the laws was that energy cannot be created or destroy but transformed between types. That is Cita's power—to transform energy. Light to heat. Heat to sound. Lightning. Fire. Sonic booms. Zap your ornery grandmother.

Acceptance: Denial
In a world of black and white, Cita Kilkenny is the thin grey line in between. A sorceress of ancient lineage, she was hidden from her heritage by her mother. As her mother's life faded, Cita's blossomed, but it is into a work with mythical creatures and unwritten rules. Under the weight of an archaic prophecy, understanding this new world is one thing. Accepting it is something lethal.

Acceptance: Anger
Cita Kilkenny has renounced magic, turning her back on the oppressive and dictatorial world of her ancestors. She fades into the European landscape, determined to lead a life that is normal and useful. When Xander Blackstone, a friend and powerful vampire, is cursed, his rampages ignite a civil war in the magical world. Cita is drawn out of hiding to help a man she loves but to do so, she has to put herself at the mercy of a bloodthirsty enemy.

Acceptance: Acceptance
The battle has been won but the war rages on. Powerful beings battle above the eyes of ignorant humans for control of the realm. Xander Blackstone, ascended to the throne of the Red House, advances on the power hungry White House while Cita Kilkinney races against time to unravel this secrets buried with her mother. Stars align with an ancient prophecy, one the foretold, anguish, loss and the impossible as the path to acceptance.

Anita's Standalone Titles

The Last McIntyre
Sadie is the first daughter born to the McIntyre family in over one hundred years. She returns to her family home after four years of military service as the last McIntyre. Nearly immediately, headaches cripple Sadie, making it impossible to find and hold a job. She begins to dream that she is her namesake great-great grandmother Sadie Dzurik, living in the 1890s. The dreams feel real, going so far as to leave her bruised when she wakes. She never rests. On the brink of insanity, Sadie seeks out renowned neuroscientist Dr. Will James. Sadie is brought back to a particular moment and a mystery is discovered—the untimely death of Sadie Dzurik's beloved brother. The challenge, then, is to solve the murder of Edward Dzurik except the longer Sadie stays in the 1890s, the more she fades from the present. Sadie and Will work against the clock to solve the ultimate cold case and prevent modern time from unraveling.

Chasing Fireflies
What do you do when everything you thought you knew about yourself is a lie? When you didn't recognize the person in the mirror? When you no longer knew what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Resa Manning turned to the street of New York. From a borrowed apartment, she started stepping out of her shell and into a life that had friends, a challenging job and Lieutenant Rob Ostapczuk. But in the shadows lurks a life denied. One that will not be pushed aside. One that will kill before it will be killed.

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Deception. Seduction. Espionage.

And that's just today's agenda.

Lost In Deception
Lost in Deception book cover   Sometimes a man fights for love...

sometimes love fights for him.

Lost In Shadows
Lost in Shadows book cover
Sometimes a man finds trouble...

sometimes it comes looking for him.

Lost In Tennessee
Lost in Tennessee book cover    

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